Harkness Center Offers Arts Relief, Including Free Injury Prevention Assessments and Virtual Telemedicine Visits

Take advantage of the Harkness Center’s range of offerings

The Harkness Center for Dance Injuries at NYU Langone Health is offering free arts relief to the dance community. Their Injury Prevention assessments aim to prevent dance injuries before they occur, by offering dancers a meeting with an athletic trainer or physical therapist – who observes a dancer’s technique, evaluates their strength and flexibility, and reviews their medical and nutritional history. Take advantage of these free sessions by making an appointment today.

For those needing physician or physical therapy appointments, Harkness offers virtual telemedicine visits featuring their team of dance medicine experts, for residents of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Florida.

In addition, Harkness Center’s Manhattan clinics are fully re-opened for in-person visits, and free Injury Prevention Assessments are offered in-person as well! Find out more here, and call the Harkness Center at 212-598-6054 or email harkness@nyulangone.org to make an appointment.

And to learn more about Harkness and its range of offerings to the dance community, visit www.danceinjury.org.

Pentacle knows that when injuries occur, healing is the first priority. Our bodies are our livelihoods, and it’s critical to both prevent injuries and treat them correctly when they do occur. Take advantage of these services, courses, and telemedicine appointments now, and stay safe and healthy!

Pentacle remains dedicated to continuing to provide a high level of support to artists during these extraordinary circumstances. Alongside many other key and respected organizations in the field, we have begun accumulating and curating resources for artists and organizations experiencing income loss and other troubles as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. Find help at Financial Urgent Care.

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