The Actors Fund Emergency Financial Assistance

Apply For Emergency Funds through The Actors Fund

Pentacle remains dedicated to continuing to provide a high level of support to artists during these extraordinary circumstances. Alongside many other key and respected organizations in the field, we have begun accumulating and curating resources for artists and organizations experiencing income loss and other troubles as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. Find our list of resources here.


It is important to Pentacle to support and recognize other organizations providing emergency relief. While we are able to provide arts relief administratively, we know that many folks need more personal support as well. This week we are featuring a program run by a trusted and long-standing partner organization.

The Actors Fund, in partnership with other entertainment industry organizations, is providing emergency financial assistance to both union and nonunion workers.  Both union and non-union workers can apply for these emergency funds directly through The Actors Fund. Please click the link above to review the requirements for all unions, guilds, and employers that might apply to you.

This emergency assistance is available for those in immediate financial need due to the public health crisis. These funds are for individuals who cannot pay basic living expenses such as food, housing, or health care over the next two months. If you have resources to pay for these living expenses, they are asking that you wait to apply. Once you’ve gathered and digitized the required documentation, you can find the application here. Applications have been taking up to two weeks to process.

In addition to providing financial assistance, The Actors Fund provides a large spectrum of programming to support those in the entertainment industry. These programs include Health & Health Insurance, Housing, and various Workshops. Check out their website to see if any of their programs could be right for you.

nextSteps | 04.24.2020


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