Essential Tips for Promoting Your Art on Social Media

Social media provides many ways to promote your art.


Over the past few years, and especially during the recent pandemic, social media has become an artist’s main pathway to connection and promotion. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and others have all grown into platforms for marketing and sharing professional work to a broad audience.

Through social media, people from all over the world can instantly view your content, engage with it through comments and shares, and message you directly for future collaborations or work opportunities.

It has even become commonplace for casting agencies to view social media profiles before hiring. It gives them a deeper look into your individual lifestyle and artistic brand.

An attractive online presence is undeniably essential for any artist looking to get themselves and their work noticed nowadays. So follow these five tips to promote your art on social media in the most compelling way.


5 tips for promoting your art via social media:


1. Professional vs. Personal — If you’re looking to build your social media presence as an artist for professional purposes, it’s best to steer clear of anything too personal. There is no need to include pictures of you drinking at a friend’s party. Yes, you can absolutely post self-portraits and meaningful life moments — after all, you are a well-rounded human being — but try to keep everything above board. Don’t risk exposing anything that could possibly turn off an employer. Remember, you are publicizing your unique individual brand… who you are, what you represent, and what you have to say as a working artist. What do you want that to look like?

If you are really feeling the desire to show more of your daily life, consider making two profiles: a public, professional one and a private, more intimate one you share only with a close circle.


2. Quality Over Quantity — Be your own curator. Share the work that feels important and relevant. Use only high-quality photos and videos. Maybe choose your three favorite shots from a recent photoshoot instead of sharing all 50. Don’t overwhelm your audience. Keep it poignant and powerful and leave them wanting more.


3. Increase Views by Tagging Everyone Involved — Did a friend film your latest work for you? Tag them. Who designed the outfit you’re wearing in that photoshoot? Tag them. What about the songwriter or associate choreographer? Tag them too.

Besides the fact that it is proper and respectable to give credit where credit is due, tagging people instantly notifies them of your post and will most likely result in them re-posting the work. Guaranteed, they want the publicity too! This increases the potential followers and kicks off a continual chain of sharing.


4. Establish Your Posting Style — See what feels natural to you. It could be long, in-depth captions that explain the full story behind each piece of art, or it could be short, one-word titles accompanied by a few tags and an emoji. Maybe you want to put a white border around every Instagram photo. Whatever it is, try to find a style that you can use as a through line between all of your posts. This will help your page feel like one unified brand.


5. Engage with Your Followers — When people comment on your work, respond! This can be a simple “like/love” reaction or a reply of “thank you” to show you’ve seen it and appreciate their support. If someone sends you a private message about it, be sure to get back to them. People will always be more likely to continue supporting you if they know you’re a kind, grateful person. It also helps establish a dialogue and community around your art, which is the ultimate goal.




Sarah Parker is an NYC based dancer and choreographer. She has performed in dance companies, national tours, tv/film, and on Broadway. Sarah is a current candidate for a Master’s in American Journalism from NYU.

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