Quickbooks Accounting Software: Desktop versus Online Options

Comparing Quickbooks Accounting Software: Desktop versus Online Options

If you’ve already chosen Quickbooks as your accounting software, the next step is to choose between their various offerings – desktop versus online. Because these choices can be a bit confusing, we’ve created a quick comparison of their features.

Quickbooks offers two choices for its accounting software: Quickbooks Desktop and Quickbooks Online

Choosing Quickbooks Desktop: Pros and Cons

Pros of Quickbooks Desktop

  1. Sophisticated interface,; can view multiple windows at one time
  2. More secure as it can only be accessed in one location
  3. All standard software capabilities included in one simple fee
  4. Functions can be utilized without Internet access
  5. An advanced “find” function makes searching for specific transactions easy

Cons of Quickbooks Desktop

  1. Must be manually backed up
  2. Not accessible from multiple locations via the internet
  3. Software eventually becomes outdated

Choosing Quickbooks Online: Pros and Cons

Pros of Quickbooks Online

  1. Accessible from anywhere via the internet
  2. Automatic import of bank and credit card transactions
  3. User friendly for beginning bookkeepers
  4. More integrations with other software
  5. Constantly being updated and improving

Cons of Quickbooks Online

  1. Restrictive interface, can only view one window at a time
  2. Not accessible without internet connection
  3. Restricted software capabilities depending on what price package you choose

Choosing Between Quickbooks Desktop and Online Options

Reviewing the pros and cons of these two Quickbooks options – Desktop and Online – can help determine which option is best for you. For instance, if you only work on your bookkeeping needs at your desktop and want the added security of one physical location, the Desktop version is a great choice, especially if your organization has more complex accounting needs. If you’re on the go and want to do your accounting away from home or office, the Online version might be ideal. Online is also perfect if your organization is looking for accounting software with strong integrations and mobility. 

Either way, you’ve made a smart decision to automate your accounting and are on your way to greater financial accuracy and freedom!

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