How to Apply for a Grant Through a Fiscal Sponsor

Fiscal Sponsors Help Open Doors To Nonprofit Grants

Fiscal Sponsors Give You the Ability to Put Your Work Before More Funders
One of the many benefits of having fiscal sponsorship is the ability to apply for grants usually only available to registered nonprofit organizations. After gaining a fiscal sponsor, more funding opportunities become available to you because most major funders require applicants to be a registered entity, rather than an independent or unincorporated artist. Learn more here about what to note when searching for a fiscal sponsor. While each fiscal sponsor has varying levels of policies and procedures in place to maintain control over grant applications and awards, there are certain basics that should be addressed.

There are Certain Steps to Follow When Applying for a Grant through a Fiscal Sponsor

1. Fiscal sponsors typically request to review applications/letters of inquiry/reports a certain number of business days prior to submission to the funder. Once they give approval and sign off on the report, you can submit the materials.
2. To maintain their fiduciary oversight over the application, fiscal sponsors will want to confirm:
– That your application and request fits within the mission of your fiscal sponsor
– That your fiscal sponsor can comply with the funders’ requirements
– That your relationship with your fiscal sponsor is listed/reflected properly with the correct EIN and contact information
3. In addition to the actual application, reporting and supplemental materials required by the funder would likely also need to be reviewed by the sponsor to ensure proper completion.

Be sure to check with your fiscal sponsor or review your fiscal sponsorship contract to know their specific requirements in regards to grant applications.

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