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How to access Pentacle nextSteps Templates

Pentacle nextSteps has created a series of useful templates to help you manage finances, handle bookings, and raise funds.

To access our templates, please follow the below steps:
1. Activate Live Chat by clicking on the icon in the lower right of your screen (even if Live Chat is offline, you can still access the templates)

2. In Live Chat, enter your name and email, and annual budget if desired

3. In the Live Chat question field, type the name of the template you want from the below list (e.g., Budget Template)

4. You will receive a link to a Template Directory, where you can access the templates

Current templates available via Live Chat:

  • Operating Budget Template
  • Project Budget Template
  • Cash Flow Template
  • Independent Contractor Agreement Template
  • More to come!


If you have technical issues with the above steps, let us know by contacting us directly through nextSteps@pentacle.org.

If you have other questions about templates or requests for specific types of templates, please complete our nextSteps Template request form.

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