Running a Crowdfunding Campaign Through a Fiscal Sponsor

Running a crowdfunding campaign through a fiscal sponsor can be a great way to raise funds for your project. Being able to provide tax deductibility to your campaign contributors can be the factor that pushes potential donors to give. If you are interested in running a crowdfunding campaign through your fiscal sponsor, first check that this is something that they offer. Some fiscal sponsors have their own crowdfunding platforms, and others have a minimum donation amount in order to offer tax deductibility for crowdfunding donors (ex. only donors who contributed at least $50 can receive tax deductibility).

After the campaign ends, you will need to provide your fiscal sponsor with transparent reports and documentation, including a list of donors, their email addresses, mailing address, how much they gave, and on what date they donated. Most fiscal sponsors will complete the administrative task of creating and sending thank you letters for tax purposes to each donor, but it’s best practice to know if you will need to take on this work.

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