When you dream, what do you see?

We know you have a vision, and we’re here to help make it a reality. If you’re ready for the next stage, let’s take the right steps together.

Pentacle is here for you.

Pentacle’s new venture, nextSteps, was created to help artists like you achieve your dreams.

The right firepower can ignite your vision.

Pentacle’s third-party research, FootPath, shows how artists with solid support can create their own upward spiral and reach new heights, faster.

Knowledge is power.

Pentacle nextSteps is grounded in research and designed for artists of every type. Our goal is to arm you with answers that help you succeed.

Let us help invigorate your inspiration.

As an artist, you’ve set your sights both inward and upward. You have a clear-eyed view of your future, and with the right backing, you are ready to achieve it.

Simple solutions, to complex problems.

Pentacle nextSteps has created a series of common templates to make your daily life as an artist easier.

Need more? Chat with us.

Sometimes, a quick conversation solves issues more easily. With nextSteps Live Chat, you can get answers to more complex questions – connect with us today!

Answers to your aspirations, all in one place.

Welcome to the gathering place, an encouraging environment where we build bridges and work together to foster the next generation of artists. Reach out today; we are here for you!

Start crafting your ambitions today.

In today’s shifting artistic landscape, you need a nurturing network to help light the way. With the right team in place, you can take the next steps.

nextSteps is Pentacle’s initiative offering free administrative support to artists, such as access to back-office resources and research data, downloadable templates, and instant one-on-one assistance through Live Chat.

Stay tuned for Pentacle’s re-launch of a new and improved nextSteps, coming soon!


Below is our growing list of useful resources, tutorials, and guides. Don’t see something you’re looking for? Fill out this form to request additional resources…we add new resources every week!

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