Creatives & Credit

Creatives & Credit Workshop with Tierra Bonds

For artists and creatives looking to build good money habits, this fiscal session teaches you how to reach your credit score goals.

Have you ever wondered how credit works and how you can use it to your advantage?

This workshop led by Tierra Bonds answers these questions, plus more! We go over what impacts your credit score, how credit can help artists with cash flow, how to clean up your credit, how to maintain good credit, and the differences between personal & business credit.

Tierra Bonds (Host of Creatives & Credit Workshop)

Tierra Bonds started Take Charge Consulting, LLC as owning a business was always a huge goal of hers and going against the grain was normal for this rebel at heart. Her company provides credit repair and business consulting to allow young professionals to reach their credit, income, and lifestyle goals. In the past 4 years, she has helped hundreds of people with credit and is currently working on a mission to reduce the wealth gap by educating 100,000 people on credit and entrepreneurship and assisting in the launch of 100 businesses. Outside of her professional life Tierra is a foodie, dog-mom, traveler, and reigns the award for best aunt to a beautiful niece and nephew.

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