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When a small cohort of artists took advantage of Pentacle’s nextSteps support system, they achieved 39% higher income over the course of 18 months. Let us help you reach the next level by putting our expertise to work for you.

The Voices of ART Artists

The voices of ART artists conclude this report touching on their observations that refer to some of the findings in this study and point to wider concerns for future investigation:

Artists should be at the helm of visioning of projects that are supposed to support them – more cross-pollination among artists, presenters and producers.

More general operating support (GOS) will help provide a foundation for smaller companies. Most GOS is for groups with at least a $250,000 budget. Fundraising for sustainability is key, not just project support.

The new model is project-based using a fiscal sponsor, instead of creating a not-for-profit organization. Artists want to make work for a core group without being weighed down with an old model.

Artists are starting to rebel against the presenter as mediator between themselves and the audience. Artists are seeking and creating work directly for their own community as they define it.

There is a fundamental shift that is asking organizations and institutions, creators, and presenters to look at ingrained racist issues in order to develop equity and inclusion plans.

More artists of color are working in a collective/collaborative structure driven by a lack of financial support and space resources. Artists and organizations are problem solving themselves – addressing gaps in financial equity and taking control. They are part of the solutions of inequity in the field.

As far as technology goes, the audience is not changing…we are not going back. More performances, workshops, education and social media engagement will be online and digital. Virtual reality will make an impact soon.

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