5 Questions to Ask When Hiring an Intern

It’s key to ask an intern these questions before hiring them.


Here are a few questions for employers to ask a potential intern, in order to learn about their work ethic and history:

1. Why did you apply for this internship? What elements excited you about this opportunity?

2. What has been your most rewarding experience thus far—either academically, personally, or professionally—and why? Or, what is something that you’ve done that you’re very proud of?

3. What do you consider your greatest asset or contribution within the workplace?

4. What are some skills that you would like to improve on during this internship?

5. Describe a time when you’ve experienced a challenge in the workplace and how you handled it.


It’s also important to learn an intern’s preferences.


Additionally, it’s important to learn about potential interns’ workplace preferences so that you can determine if they would be entering an environment that supports their interests. Remember that the more an intern feels valued, comfortable, positively challenged, and engaged in personal growth, the more motivated they will be to actively participate in the goals of the internship.

Below are a few key questions for employers to ask a potential intern in order to learn about their work environment preferences:

1. Describe the work environment where you are most productive and happy.

2. Do you prefer to work independently or as part of a team?

3. Describe a relationship you had with a supervisor that was very positive for you.

4. Are there any soft skills that you would like to improve upon through an internship?

5. Do you have any access needs in the workplace that would be important for an employer to know about?


NEXTSTEPS | 1.14.21

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