Welcome to Pentacle nextSteps – Arts Relief for those in Need.

Arts relief is here, and it’s available online – for free.

For over 40 years, Pentacle has  supported  artists, by providing arts relief for those in need. Whether it’s financial support, infrastructure, or learning how to market yourself online, Pentacle is here to assist. And now, with Pentacle’s new nextSteps resource, it’s easier than ever to get help.


Coronavirus has changed the rules of the game, but with arts relief, we can all continue to thrive.

The Pentacle nextSteps website was originally scheduled to launch this summer, but — just as with so many other things — the coronavirus has changed our plans. With so many suffering and in need of financial relief, nextSteps has launched early with a primary goal of providing much-needed arts relief, now.  More than ever, it’s critical to keep artists engaged and working, even when it seems hard to keep going. Pentacle’s nextSteps resource can help, with financial assistance, online resources, and community services. 


What is nextSteps, and how does it provide arts relief? Pentacle’s new nextSteps resource was created after 18 months of research into ways that administrative support helps artists achieve greater heights. During this time, artistic entities in the study achieved 39% greater success with the help of administrative services – and this kind of help is even more critical during the current coronavirus crisis.*

Pentacle’s nextSteps offers a consistently updated encyclopedia of knowledge and resources for sustaining an artistic career, with live chat support from experts within the field. The goal is that this information hub will allow all artists – regardless of geographic location, financial means, or educational level – entree to tools they need to achieve their artistic goals. Now that many of us are homebound, this access is more important than ever.


We know you have questions – and we’re providing answers that provide arts relief. Many of you are wondering how to stay afloat financially during this precarious time. Others are struggling to move in-person performances to online platforms. And still others are just trying to navigate your own health and family needs from day to day. Pentacle’s new tool nextSteps brings together all of the best resources from arts organizations around the country to answer your questions.


We know it’s an anxious time, and we can help.

Anxiety is high for many of us these days, and we know that working together can help reduce anxious feelings. Pentacle’s nextSteps is a place to gather for comfort, information, and community – things we are all sorely in need of right now. 

Ways you can get quick, easy arts relief from Pentacle nextSteps…

  • Do you need help managing cash flow, creating fiscal policies, or accessing federal aid? Access our Financial Urgent Care Program to apply for pro bono financial services, and join us for Fiscal Fridays for immediate tips to help you navigate COVID-19.
  • Curious about research-based best business practices for artists with budgets under $250,000? Read more about the ART Research study here
  • Do you need last minute financial assistance and would like a professional administrator to review your budget or loan application? Reach out to us on our live chat, coming soon. 

Pentacle’s nextSteps will also offer help in areas we’ve always known are important to artists. In addition to special coronavirus topics, this special online resource will have weekly updates on legal and 501c3 questions, tax issues, team-building education, marketing support, and more. 


nextSteps support can help reduce anxiety and provide arts relief. 

With 40+ years of work supporting performing artists, Pentacle knows that administrative support is vital to the creative process. This kind of support is even more critical now, so please engage with this new, free resource here: nextSteps. Also, see below for more information about how to sign up for updates, new blog posts, and educational opportunities. 


And let’s keep moving the arts forward, together.


Clarissa Soto Josephs | 03.30.20



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