How to use YouTube Premiere for Virtual Performance Streaming

YouTube Premiere can help bring your performances to the virtual stage

YouTube Premiere provides the most simple (and free!) way to stream a pre-recorded video as part of a watch party or other virtual event.


Benefits of YouTube Premiere events:

  • It’s free!
  • Setup is simple.
  • The video and chat can be easily embedded to a webpage on your website.
  • YouTube automatically provides a 2-minute countdown clock prior to your video stream.

Limitations of YouTube Premiere events:

  • This platform can only be used for pre-recorded content. It cannot be used to stream events or performances that are happening live or in real-time.
  • The visibility for the Premiere is public. There is no option to set visibility to unlisted or private.
  • If the video is not taken down after the Premiere concludes, the YouTube account could be flagged for copyright issues if proper music licenses have not been secured.


To create a YouTube Premiere event:

  1. Sign in to your YouTube account. YouTube is connected to Google apps, so this most likely requires you to login to your Google Account.
    a screenshot of where the YouTube app icon is locate on a Google Account
  2. Select: Create > Upload Video
    a screenshot of the user dashboard showing the
  3. After uploading the pre-recorded video file that you’d like to stream, you’ll be taken through the settings for your Premiere event.


Thumbnail: This is the still image that appears on the video player before the stream starts. It might be worth overlaying text onto an image or event flyer to personalize the performance so audiences know they’re waiting for the correct video to start.

– To enable the chat box as part of your event, select: No, it’s not made for kids.

– If you will not be keeping the video up on YouTube after the stream, you can skip details like categories and tags. If you do plan to keep the video on YouTube and want it to be widely shared and seen, be sure to fill these out thoroughly. *You should manually take the video down after the stream concludes if you don’t have music rights for any music used as part of the stream. Otherwise, your YouTube account can be flagged for copyright violations.


– Skip if your video is still uploading. Be sure to revisit on the YouTube editor page, in the right hand sidebar under the video preview, if you’d like to add hyperlinks or other video links to show up on your video during the stream.


– Select: Schedule > Set date/time > Set as Premiere (This will enable a 2-minute countdown clock to begin at the time that you selected to start your stream. So if your event starts at 7pm, technically your video will begin at 7:02 rather than 7pm, after the countdown concludes.)


To embed the video player on your webpage:

  1. When viewing the video on its public-facing YouTube page, select: Share > Embed.
    A screenshot showing the share button for a YouTube video
  1. Paste that code into an “embed code” element in your website editor. Websites like WordPress, Weebly, and Wix make it very simple to insert an embed code. Depending on which platform you host your site on, you may need to look further into the specifics of inserting an embed code. You can adjust the width and height by adjusting those numbers in the code; just be sure to expand the width and the height the same amount. For example if you increase the width by 100 pixels, you should also increase the hight by 100 pixels.


To embed the chat box on your webpage:

  1. Copy the letters at the end of your video link URL. If there is “&” after the letters, don’t include it.
    A screenshot of the end of a URL highlighted and ready to be copied
  1. Paste those letters in the code below, where the red characters are. Insert your website’s homepage URL where the blue characters are. When inserting your homepage URL, be sure you are using your website’s root URL. It should not include “https://” and should not direct to a specific page on your website. It should begin with “www.” and end with “.com”, “.org”, “.net”, etc.
    <iframe src=”” width=”700″ height=”400″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”></iframe>
  1. Once the two components above are inserted into the code, copy the code and paste it onto your webpage using the “embed code” element onto your webpage. You might have to make two columns or add a spacer between the video player embed element and the chat box embed element.


Final Notes

Be sure to practice these steps with an example video file a few days prior to your actual YouTube Premeire event. There will most likely be some troubleshooting required, especially if you plan to embed the video player and/or chat box onto your website. Enjoy your virtual performance!


NEXTSTEPS | 11.16.20

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