What is Fiscal Sponsorship?


Fiscal Sponsorship

While many entities choose to incorporate, Fiscal Sponsorship is another option in which a 501(c)3 organization provides formal support to the entity. Instead of going through the administrative burden of incorporating as a nonprofit, individuals and corporations can work with this nonprofit in a formal arrangement called “Fiscal Sponsorship.” Fiscal Sponsors enable non tax-exempt organizations/programs to accept tax-exempt donations and grants intended only for nonprofit organizations, in addition to other benefits received by nonprofits. Fiscal Sponsorship began as a stepping stone for artists to eventually incorporate as their own 501(c)3. Over the years, more and more artists have shifted this view, viewing Fiscal Sponsorship as a viable business model.


Fiscal Sponsorship models

In order to qualify for sponsorship,  artists/companies/projects must be engaged in activities related to the sponsoring organization’s mission. There are varying models of fiscal sponsorship and fees involved, which represent administrative cost as well as a percentage of the income the sponsoring organization receives. Those in search of Fiscal Sponsorship should do thorough research to find a sponsoring organization that best fits their needs. While Fiscal Sponsorship is the beginnings of a financial relationship, in practice it has the potential to provide so much more! Comprehensive fiscal sponsorship programs can offer everything from payroll processing, vendor payments, bookkeeping, and insurance. With extra layers of administrative support provided by the sponsor, the sponsored entity can focus on the programming of their organization.


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